A Time to Pray and Fast

Good evening Church!

As we had discussed at the beginning of our 10 days of prayer, tomorrow (Tuesday April 7th), a number of Central Wisconsin Churches are joining together to fast and pray.  I hope that you will join us!

As we look forward to tomorrow, here are some things to consider:

What is fasting?

  • Fasting is an intentional break from eating, for a spiritual purpose:  to deepen our relationship with the Lord
  • Jesus encouraged us to fast in His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:16-18)
  • We see fasting modeled in the Old and New Testament as a spiritual discipline. The entire nation fasted in Esther, and annually on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement—Leviticus 16), and fasting and prayer are listed together many times in the book of Acts.

How should we fast?

  • When we fast, we use our “meal time” to pray, as feelings of hunger serve as a reminder to pray throughout the fast
  • In Scripture, fasting was often sun up to sun down (not even 24 hours)
  • A great place to start would be to skip 1-2 meals, to focus on prayer
  • When we fast, it helps to have a specific purpose

Again, we are welcoming our church family to join our church community in a time of fasting and praying.  Would you consider fasting with us, skipping 1-2 meals, to devote oneself to God in prayer?

As we fast, consider praying about these things:

  • Pray for worldwide spiritual revival
  • Pray that the gospel would go forth with God’s power
  • Pray that many might, by faith, believe-in, and receive, Jesus as Savior and Lord.  Pray that many might accept, by faith, Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection as the payment for personal confessed, and in God’s power, repented-of sins.  Pray that many might receive Jesus alone for forgiveness, spiritual cleansing, redemption, and eternal life
  • Pray for wisdom, guidance, and perseverance for our local, state, national, and international leaders
  • Pray for protection and perseverance for our medical personnel, first responders, teachers, essential workers, and those who serve on the front lines
  • Pray for an end to this pandemic

As we fast and pray with other believers around our state, may we trust that the Lord will be glorified in, and through, this pandemic.

I look forward to seeing how God deepens our faith, and moves in a mighty way through our time tomorrow!


Pastor Leroy

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