Writing the History of The Village

The Village Church was born out of an answer to the call that God had put on Pastor LeRoy's heart to plant a church here in Central Wisconsin.  After much prayer and Godly consultation, in the summer of 2014 LeRoy and his wife, with a group of faithful families, set out to plant what is now The Village.

Having been born and raised in Wausau, LeRoy has always had a heart for this community and a desire to be involved in a meaningful way.  Through God's provision, steadfast prayer and the support of those around he and his family, the vision of planting a church to spur people on towards Jesus became a reality.  In the spring of 2015 the church was blessed with it's current location, allowing The Village to serve the Kronenwetter community, and Central Wisconsin at large.

While the history of The Village is being written each day, we have seen God do nothing short of miracles in the way He has provided for the church's needs, and worked mightily in the lives of those who attend.  As our church continues to grow in both size and community involvement, it is our goal to play an important part in positively helping to shape the future of individuals and families through the proclamation of the Gospel.

If you haven't stopped down to visit, we invite you to do so. For many, they have long seen church as a lifeless service, with music that lulls them to sleep and a message that is often not applicable to where they find themselves on that given Sunday.  Our desire is to show that church is about life changing messages, engaging worship and genuine relationships, where God is at the center and we find true joy through all of life's seasons.

Join us in writing the next chapter of church history, as we faithfully pursue what God is doing here at The Village!