Never been to The Village before? That’s okay! We’re glad that you are considering joining us for a visit, and want to make sure that it is as stress free as possible. Check out the details below that may give you a better idea of who we are, and how things go around here.

Is there a dress code for The Village?
Not really. Our hope is that you come to worship just as you are, and we don’t get wrapped up in the clothes that you are wearing. From jeans to shorts, dresses to skirts, t-shirts to button downs and flip flops to tennis shoes, we have it all. Wear what is most comfortable to you, but please do remember that we are striving to honor God, as well as those around us.


How long is a typical worship service?
On average a worship service at The Village is about 90 minutes long. This is typically comprised of contemporary worship, followed by prayer, a short greeting/fellowship with others, a time to give an offering, and a message from our pastor.


What options are available for my children during the service?
Children are welcome to either stay with you for the service, or can participate in our Village Kids children’s church program. The kids are always a part of worshipping in song at the beginning of service, and then have the chance to head to the children’s church program during the offering/fellowship time, just prior to the start of the message.

We offer nursery for ages 0-2, preschool class for ages 2-5 and elementary class for ages 6-11.  Middle school students and up are in the adult service as we feel they are ready to learn from the main sermon.

We have visitor children check in forms available at our Children’s Checkin Counter and Welcome Center, and will have someone available to help you get what you need to make your experience a good one!


Do you have coffee?
What kind of question is that? Of course! 30 minutes prior to our worship experiences, 8:30am and 10:30am every Sunday, we have a time of fellowship for people to arrive early, grab a cup of coffee, and get to reconnect after a long week, and potentially a hectic weekend. ¬†We realize that “church” is about a lot more than just getting together for a message each Sunday, it is about the relationships and doing life with one another. So come a little early and grab a cup on us!

Wondering where to park? Great question! Check out our fancy map below!
We typically try to have someone out in the lot to help you find a spot, so look for the person in the orange vest, and they can help you find your way!